Download and Install Multiple Desktop Softwares at A Time with Ninite

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Do you want to download Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari at a time? Do you want to install Skype, iTunes, Office at a time? Do you want to download and install all your favorite desktop softwares at a time?

If yes, Ninite will help you well.

Ninite is a website which let you download and install multiple Desktop softwares at a time for free. Do you want to know how many desktop software are available to be downloaded from Ninite? As many as you can imagine, please refer to below picture:

You just need to select any of those desktop softwares, and click the Get Installer to download them as a package at a time. When the downloading is finished, you can install all of them just by double click the download package. Cool, eh?

But, there are some other things to be known before downloading:

1. Although Ninite is going to offer the international version of the desktop software, up till now, most of those desktop softwares are only available in English.

2. All the desktop softwares are only workable for Windows systems, including XP, Vista and 7.

By the way, you can suggest a desktop software to Ninite in its homepage easily.

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