How To Download Multiple Files At The Same Time From Hotfile As A Free User

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Generally speaking, you can’t download multiple files at the same time from Hotfile as a free user, since Hotfile does not allow that, and only allow you to download a file per 30 minutes, just as you can see in below image:


But there will be often a way to “hack” something you like to.

The way Hotfile tracks how many files and how many times you have downloaded are based upon your IP address, so that you can change your IP addresses and download multiple files at the same time. Below are 3 easy steps for how:

Step 1. Download the first file from Hotfile directly without proxy tools

You can open your browser and download a file from Hotfile according to the download link, just need to wait for 60 seconds.

Step 2. Change your computer IP address

A simple way to change your computer IP address is to use proxy tools, such as Tor, Free Gate, UltraSurf, and so on.

Step 3. Download another file from Hotfile with proxy tools

When the proxy tool is active, your computer IP address will be changed, and Hofile will treat you as a new free user, so you do not need to wait for 30 minutes but 60 seconds to download another file, just as you can see in below image:


This way will be available for you to download at least 2 files from Hotfile at the same time.

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