Download YouTube Videos As MP4, FLV Or MP3 Files With WonTube

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There are many ways for you to download YouTube videos in different formats, such as that you can download them as MP3s with ConvertMeMp3, download them as MP4 or 3GP files with these 10 web apps, download them as some other video formats with these 10 websites.

The following will show you another way — WonTube (Short for "WonTube Free YouTube to MP3/MP4/FLV"), which is a free Chrome extension for you to download videos as MP4, FLV or MP3 files from the YouTube website.

Download YouTube videos with Wontube

After installation, there will be two green buttons on top of every video that you are watching on the YouTube website. Clicking the "Download Video" one, you can come to the website and download the video in any of the following 4 formats:

  • MP4 High Quality (720p)
  • MP4 Standard Quality (360p)
  • FLV High Definition (480p)
  • FLV Low Quality (240p)

And clicking on the other one — "Convert to MP3", you can come to the website and download the video as a MP3 file.

By the way, you can also visit the above two websites mentioned and start to download YouTube videos by entering their URLs — just use the original URLs in the address bar (such as, don’t enter the shortened URLs (such as, since which won’t work.


The Chrome extension of WonTube is not available any more, but you can check out the add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE.

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