Drag And Drop Images With DropMocks

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Min.us is a website for you to drag images onto its homepage and share to your friends with URLs

Like Min.us, DropMocks is also a dead simple drag and drop image sharing service.


You drag your image from your computer desktop or disk folder, and drop it on the DropMocks homepage, then your image will be uploaded to the website and you can get a particular URL, which you can share to your friends so that they can view your image by click the link. You can also change the image title before sharing.

It’s no doubt that DropMocks is nearly same as Min.us, since they use the same code, or let’s say Min.us use DropMocks’ open source code.

The DropMocks website was down before this post published, was it hacked by Min.us? Or was it going to update the code? Please leave a comment if you know the answers. 🙂


It was just a joke when I doubted that if DropMocks was hacked by Min.us, but Min.us took that joke serious and sent me an email said “in no way would we ever do that or intend to do that”, so, I believed that DropMocks was not hacked by Min.us, did you?

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