Drag And Drop Images With Min.us

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Min.us is a dead simple drag and drop image sharing service, with which you just need to drag your image onto its homepage then you can edit the image title and share it to your friends.

The image format can be JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG or BMP, the image size can be up to 7 MB, and the image location can be your computer desktop or a disk folder.

Drag And Drop Images With Min.us

You can share the whole gallery or just a single image with your friends using the different links, you can create as many galleries as you want to, and you can also download the entire gallery images in Zip file.

You can drag your images onto the Minus homepage without registration, but you will be able to track your galleries from anywhere after registration.

As per Min.us, your drag-and-drop images will be kept indefinitely unless deleted by yourself or if they go against its terms of service.

Drag and drop image sharing service is nothing new, since Google’s GMail and Documents offer the same service a while ago, but Minus says it will allow you to drag and drop docs, music, videos and other files soon, so let’s keep an eye on it.

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