Draw A Stickman

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Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas is different, but you can always have fun online, whether to find free holiday cards, to create funny greeting letters, to track where Santa is now, etc.

And if you are creative, you can even have fun by just drawing a stickman.

As the name, Draw A Stickman is a website for you to draw a custom stickman and watch him come to life in an interactive and humorous adventure.

On the website, you can draw a stickman, or whatever else you like, but be careful, since there is no eraser or undo, you need to clear the entire drawing and start over if you want to change something. After that, click on the "Done" button, then your stickman will walk happily.

During the stickman’s journey, you need to draw various tools and objects to aid him. At the beginning, he will find a box, and you need to draw a key to open it; later, he will see another box in the sky, and you need to draw a balloon, but no matter how beautiful it is, you can’t be right, and a dragon will come out from your balloon and fire to you, until you kill it with a sword. When the dragon is dead, you need to draw a rain cloud for the fire, but which will bring sharks, and you need to draw a drain to fend off them, then you can get the gift — "Be creative, every day".

For a visible explanation about the adventure, you can check out the following YouTube video:

The above video only shows you the first minute, for the rest, you can visit the Draw A Stickman website to begin your own journey.

Besides to draw a stickman, you can also browse the gallery to view others' drawings, or submit your own by sending a screenshot via email.

By the way, Draw A Stickman also offers an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, free of charge, have fun!

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