Draw Online For Free With Harmony

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As a "Procedural Drawing Tool", Harmony is a web app for you to draw pictures online for free with a set of special brushes.


For the brushes, you can choose Chrome, Fur, Squares and some other effects, with any colors, at any time, and basically, the faster you move the cursor, the larger the brush size will be. By the way, the Grid effect worked on Firefox, but not Chrome or Safari during my test.

I have no talent at drawing, or I would draw a beautiful girl instead of just a "Y" with the Squared brush, as what you can see from the above image. And I think you are better than me at drawing, even as good as the genius who drew a carton artwork in 5 minutes, as what you can see from the following YouTube video:

It is amazing, isn’t it? For the artwork you finished, you can save it as a PNG file. And if you are not satisfied with what you have drawn, you can select the "white" color and choose any brush to erase any part of the picture, since there is no "undo" function or eraser, or you can clear all the drawing and start over.

By the way, for Chrome users, you can also install the Harmony app for a quickly launch.

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