How To Find Out Who Is Looking For You Online

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Have you ever wondered who is Googling you?

Nowadays, people like to search everything they are looking for. Let’s take the Thanksgivings Day for example, people search for where to buy cheap turkeys, how long it will take to bake a turkey, and even how to deal with the left turkey next day. So, you don’t need to be surprise when you find out that someone is googling you someday.

And to find out who is looking for you online via Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engines, you can check out below two free ways:

1. Find out who is looking for you online with your own sites

Google Analytics

If you have a blog or website, you can post something about yourself, and then track who is looking for you online with Google Analytics.

Embed the code to your blog or website, later log in Google Analytics, open the Keywords page from the Traffic Sources menu, then you can see if someone visits you sites by searching you name, your company, or your products. If yes, click the keywords, and check out what and how people search for you through those keywords.

2. Find out who is looking for you online with other sites


Besides your own sites, you can also find out who is looking for you with other sites, such as Ziggs, WikiWorldBook,, and so on, which will send you an alert via email when people visit your profiles on their websites.

To use the alert services of those sites, you just need to register new accounts and finish your profiles.

By the way, whatever way you use, you won’t be search-able unless your own sites or your profile pages are indexed by search engines, which means you need to make your blog or website popular, or to make your profile pages popular on Ziggs, WikiWorldBook, or some other similar sites.

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