10 Ways to Find People on Facebook

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With 400 million members, Facebook is a nice place for you to reconnect with your classmates, coworkers, or old friends, and it is also a good platform for you to make new friends.

So, how to find the people you know or want to know on Facebook? You can use below 10 Facebook’s inbuilt search functions or third-party applications.

1. Find People From Your Email Address Book

Find People on Facebook

You can enter your email address and search if any of your contacts are members of Facebook, and you can also upload contact file from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or others.

2. Search By Name Or Email

find people on facebook

You can search someone’s name or email address directly.

3. Find Classmates or Coworkers

Find people on facebook

You can enter your school name and search your classmates, and you can also enter your company name and search your coworkers.

4. Find People From IM

find people on facebook

You can enter your AOL, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, or Skype credentials and find out if any of your IM buddies are on Facebook.

5. Find People From Your Phonebook

Find People on Facebook

If you have installed the Facebook application in your mobile phone, then you can search your phonebook and see if any of your contacts are on Facebook too.

The above 5 ways are based upon Facebook’s inbuilt search functions, you can just log in and start the search, or you can install any of below 5 applications and find people on Facebook:

6. Would You Sleep With Me

With the application Would You Sleep With Me, you can search Facebook members by gender, age and country.

7. Meet New People

The application Meet New People will let you search Facebook users in your country by gender.

8. Compare Hotness

Compare Hotness also lets you search Facebook members in your country by gender.

9. Online People

With the Online People application, you can search online Facebook members by age, country, relationship status, gender and/or city.

Because of their powerful search functions, the above four applications are the most popular Facebook dating applications.

10. Advanced Search 2.0 beta

find people on facebook

With the application Advanced Search 2.0 beta, you can search Facebook members by age, gender, country and many other terms as you can see from the above image, but the search results may be not correct.

All the above five applications are limited by the numbers of Facebook profiles in their database, you can’t get the completed search results, so it’s still far from perfect to find people on Facebook.

Do you have any better ways to find people on Facebook?

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