Flip Images With Imgflip

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Imgflip is a website for you to flip pictures one by one, and to submit or create your own pictures for others to flip, free of charge.

There are main three things that you can do with Imgflip:

I. You can flip images

flip images with Imgflip

Besides to click, you can also type A or D to flip images, and type W or S to like or dislike images. For the images you like, you can share them on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or Google+, and you can also leave comments.

II. You can submit images

Imgflip submit

You can upload images from your computer, or by entering their URLs, add tags and/or descriptions for them, choose Discriminatory, Sketchy and/or NSFW (Not safe for work) flags if necessary, then you can submit and share your images for others to flip.

III. You can create images

Imgflip is available for you to create both meme and animated pictures.

1. You can create meme pictures

Imgfilp create meme pic

A meme picture here is a picture with text added. You can pick up a picture from the Imgflip gallery or upload one from your computer, add text on the top and/or bottom of the picture, choose whether to make it public or private, then you can generate your meme picture.

2. You can turn a video or a set of images into a GIF file

turn videos to GIFs with Imgflip

You can upload up to 40 images (no larger than 20 MB) at a time and turn them into an animated GIF file, which speed and size can be changed.

Besides, you can also upload a video (no larger than 20 MB) from you computer, or paste an online video URL from over 20 websites (such as YouTube), change the GIF file size, speed, fps (frames per second) and even choose how much of the video you like to use, then you can turn your video into a GIF file.

For the generated GIF, you can also make it private or public.

By the way, Imgflip is free, you need to register first before you can flip, submit or create images.

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