Create Funny and Free Ecards Online with Mashup Arts

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If you are going to send a free Ecard to your friend for her birthday, to your colleague for the success, or to your business partner for the winning, maybe you can try Mashup Arts.

The free Ecards are sorted by Greeting Cards, Comic Cards and Newspaper Cards.

The greeting card will look like this:

For the greeting card, you can add one picture.

The comic card will look like this:

For the comic card, you can add 6 pictures into one card.

The newspaper card will look like this:

For the newspaper card, you can add two photos.

The photos can be uploaded from your computer, searched from Facebook, Flickr and Google, or selected from the Mashup Arts.

Besides photos, You can also add music or video to the free Ecard.

The video can be selected from Youtube, the music can be uploaded from your computer or selected from Mashup Arts community, but there are not many songs for your choice from the community. It seems that you can record your own sounds online or buy MP3s from Amazon later.

You can also choose finished free Ecards from the community and change them to be your own, or you can even invite your friends to collaborate on the card you are going to created. The published Ecards can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon.

But I think there are too many unnecessary elements attached in the email sent out with the free Ecards, why not just a full size card and the link?

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