Top 5 Free Online Alarm Clocks

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Once a night, the mobile phone could not be turned on since there was no power of the battery, I was worried about being late for work tomorrow morning, for I was not able to wake up myself on time without an alarm clock.

So I googled the internet to find a virtual alarm clock, which was a desktop software, but I forget the name now, since I only used it once. And then I kept the computer on, till the next morning when the alarm clock rang and woke me up.

Have you ever used a virtual alarm clock, too? Since now I prefer online web apps than desktop softwares, I collect 5 top free online alarm clocks here, maybe there will be used sometime in the future.

1. Online Clock

Online Clock

The interface for Online Clock is very simple, you set the time and it will ring then till you stop it.

2. Kuku Klok

Kuku Klok

Kuku Klok allows you to set the time as well as to select the sounds, such as Cockerel, Classic Clock, Electronic, and so on.

3. Naked Alarm Clock

Naked Alarm Clock

Naked Alarm Clock is more easy for you the set the time, and there are four audio sounds for your choice, they are Alarm Clock Bell, Alien Alarm, Digital Alarm, and Bugle Reveille.

4. Meta Clock

Meta Clock

There will be a pop-up with countdown feature when you set the alarm, you can choose the sound before setting, and the sounds include Good Morning, I Feel Good, Morning Twitter, and so on.

5. Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock offers two kinds of sounds, melody or radio station, which you can select and test when setting the alarm.  There are 15 songs for Melody, and 30 radio stations.

Among the above 5 free online alarm clocks, my favorite one is Kuku Klok, since it is more beautiful, which one is your favorite?

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