Top 10 Free Online Radio Stations for You to Play Any Kind of Music

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There are online classical radio stations, online pop radio stations, online jazz radio stations, and so on, but are there any radio stations to play any kind of music? So that I can listen to all the music on one website.

The answer is yes, you can listen to any kind of music on any of the below 10 online radio stations for free, without any registration. Just visit those websites, pick up your favorite radio station channels, and listen to your favorite music.

1. 1.FM

Jazz Radio Stations

On 1.FM, there are total 39 different radio stations, including 5 featured stations, such as Absolute TOP 40 Radio, Amsterdam Trance Radio, Classic Rock Replay, Club 1 Radio, and Jamz Hip Hop R&B Hits. You can listen to 1.FM on your 3G mobile phone, and you can also join the forum discussion.

Go to 1.FM

2. 181.FM

Online Radio Stations

On 181.FM, there are about 80 different radio stations in 13 genres, and on any web page of every channel, there is a public alive chat room for you to chat with others without registration. You can join the 181.FM community, and you can also add 181.FM to your MySpace with the offered codes.

Go to 181.FM

3. 1Club.FM

Online Radio Stations

There are over 80 different channels in 12 kinds of stations, you can embed 1Club.FM channels into your website with the radio codes, you can install applications on your BlackBerry, Nokia, Droid, iPhone, iTouch or Windows mobile, and you can also join the 1Club.FM community.

Go to 1Club.FM

4. AccuRadio

Online Radio Stations

On AccuRadio, there are just too many channels for me to count, but AccuRadio says that it has over 280 channels of really cool music, and there are 7 categories just for classical channel. There is no community, no mobile application.

Go to AccuRadio

5. AOL Radio

radio stations

On AOL Radio, there are hundreds of music channels in dozens of genres, you can add any channels to your preset list without registration. And you can also download the AOL Radio plugin and install it in your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Flock browser.

Go to AOL Radio

6. Live365

radio stations

There are about 300 different channels in 23 kinds of music genres on Live365 internet radio, which offers daily recommendations. You can install a Live365 application for your iPhone, BlackBerry or Mobile Windows, you can add a Live365 Widget on your blog, and you can also register and join the Live365 forum.

Go to Live365


Online Radio Stations

There are 32 radio channels on, and besides genres, the radio channels are also sorted by countries or regions. You can create your play list after registration. You can listen to all the channels of any radio stations listed on its website directly.

Go to

8. SHOUTcast

radio stations

The free internet radio SHOUTcast has collected Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations in 24 genres. You can see the original online radio station, how many listeners for every channel there are, what music is playing at every channel, etc. And you can also add SHOUcast toolbar to your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Flock browser.

Go to SHOUTcast


radio stations

With more than 50,000 fans, offers 32 channels contained all the music genres, among which, there are three new channels, including American Songbook, Classical Piano Trios and Jazz Classics. has no applications for mobile phone.

Go to

10. Yahoo! Music

radio stations

Same as AOL music, Yahoo! Music is also powered by CBS Radio, and there is a few seconds advertisement before radio music launch, for every radio music station or channel, there is a related video station, which can be embedded into your blog or website.

Go to Yahoo! Music

Again, you can listen to all the above 10 radio stations online for free without registration, just enjoy yourself. And if you have any other cool free online radio stations, welcome to share with us by adding a comment.

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