Best 5 Free VPN Softwares

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Comparing to proxy softwares, VPN services are easier to use, since they are workable for the whole computer system and you don’t need to set the browser HTTP proxy.

Among these 3 free VPN services, ItHidden seems not offering free usage any more, and the other two sometimes are hard to connect, so I think it is necessary to find some more free VPNs.

Different from these 3 free VPN services mentioned, below 5 free VPN softwares require downloading and installation.

1. ProXPN

free vpn software proxpn

The VPN software ProXPN is workable for Windows and Mac computers.

Create a ProXPN account, download, install and run the software, then you can connect the VPN service with your username and password.

Free accounts are rate-limited to 1000 kbps, and do not include PPTP VPN access.

2. SecurityKiss

Free VPN Softwares securitykiss

The VPN software SecurityKiss works for Windows only, but brings you 300MB of data transfer per day for free.

No registration is required, just download and install the SecurityKiss software, then run and connect it. If the connection fails, you can try to select another VPN server.

3. Hotspot Shield

free vpn software hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield offers a free VPN solution with unlimited bandwidth for Windows and Mac.

Just download and install the software, then you can run and connect the VPN service. There will be ads on the top of the webpages you visit.

Besides English, French and Chinese, Hotspot Shield also supports Arabic, Persian, Russian and Vietnamese.

4. ExpatShield

free vpn software expat shield

Like Hotspot Shield, ExpatShield is also a free VPN software offers unlimited bandwidth with ads and supports multiple languages.

But ExpatShield is only workable for Windows computer system.

5. Loki VPN Client

Free VPN Softwares Luki VPN Client

Loki VPN Client is a free VPN software of Loki Network Project, it is workable for Windows computer only, but offers unlimited data traffic with a 30-minute connection limit per time.

You just need to download and install the software, then run and connect it, no registration needed, but sometimes it maybe fail to connect the VPN server, and the speed is a little slow.

Among the above 5 free VPN softwares, I prefer to use ProXPN and SecurityKiss, how about you? Which ones are your favorite? Or do you have any other free VPN softwares to unblock the internet censorship and GFW? Share with us by adding a comment.

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