How to Get Hundreds of Followers on Twitter in 5 Minutes

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Success is how many people know you, and not how many people you know, so I think the more followers you have on Twitter, the more successful you are.

Although no one is useless to God, it’s impossible for me to get thousands of followers on Twitter in a short time, since I am not as popular as Barack Obama or any other celebrity in the world, but I can get hundreds of followers in 5 minutes.

And the cost is that I also follow hundreds of Twitter users in 5 minutes, below is how, it is free and safe.

1. How to get hundreds of followers on Twitter in 5 minutes

What I did was just to follow below lists on the website TweepML:

  • top followers (500)
  • Follow for Follow 1 (497)

As per Twitter, you can follow up to 1,000 users per day, but during the test, I find out that it’s not true now, since I can’t follow all the 997 users in the above two lists. So I think Twitter has changed its rule, or there is something wrong with TweepML.

But at least, I have followed hundreds of followers, and most of them have followed me back in the following hours.

2. Other ways to get hundreds of followers on Twitter in 5 minutes

Besides the above two lists, you can also get hundreds of followers on Twitter by following other TweepML lists, such as those you can see in below image:


3. Is it safe?

This is a popular and safe way to get a lot of followers on Twitter, for there are thousands of people who follow these “follow back” list on TweepML:


But will Twitter suspense your account by following so many users in 5 minutes? I don’t think so, since I have done this several times with different accounts and never get suspension.

4. Will anyone follow back?

I don’t think every user you follow will follow you back, though it should be.

By the way, if you care about those who do not follow you back, you can find and unfollow them with these free tools.

Update: This post is out of date, since TweepML is dead.

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