Get The Image Directly With

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As mentioned before, you can start Google Images search by entering a keyword, uploading an image, or even drawing a picture.

Then you will get a few images matched your query and choose the one you are looking for. So it will be a good idea if that we can get the image we want directly, instead of finding it among tens of results. is such a website for you to enter any keyword and get the matched image directly, and what you need to do is just to type (such as in your address bar.

Get The Image Directly With

Generally, you can search any keywords, and get the matched images in JPG, GIF or PNG formats, but for the keywords without matched images, you will see an error page like the following: image not found

Although doesn’t say how it offers the results, which I think are all from the first results offered by the Google Images search.

For example, when searching for "baby" on Google Images, the first 4 results will be as what you can see from the following screenshot:

Google Images search baby

As you can see from the above image, the first result is same as that offered by for "baby", besides which, I also tested "beauty", "free", "water", as well as many other keywords, and all the results from Google Images and are same, too.

What is more, even though the original pictures offered by Google Images are not available any more (such as the first result for "young"), will still offer the same results, such as what you can see from the following screenshot: image not available

So, is an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search engine, but for images instead of webpages.

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