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Looking for a simple, stable and significant VPS as your web hosting? Check out DigitalOcean, only $5 per month, and you can get $10 in credit just for signing up now.

For free US PPTP VPN services, you can check out SecurityKISS, Super Free VPN, JustFreeVPN and some others as mentioned before.

Since any of them may be blocked some day, the more you have, the safer you will be, and the following will show you another one — GetUSVPN.


Opening the website, you will see the free PPTP VPN account information in the left side, such as the following:

  • PPTP Server:
  • PPTP Username: free
  • PPTP Password:

While the values of server and username are fixed, the password will be changed in uncertain times, which means that you maybe need to change the password to use the free PPTP VPN service next time.

For how to set up the above PPTP VPN in your computer and mobile phone, you can check out this tutorial.

In case the domain "" is blocked in your area, you can also change the server value to "" or "".

According to my test, both "" and "" are blocked here in China, but "" is NOT, so that I can and only can use the GetUSVPN service by using "" as the server value.

How about you? Can you use this free PPTP VPN in your area? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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