Google Body And Google Cow

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As two sister products, Google Body shows you the body constructions of human being (male and female), while Google Cow shows you the body constructions of a cow (female only).

The idea of Google Body or Google Cow is simple that you can check out all the organs of a person or a cow in a 3D diagram, from outsides to insides, from heads to feet, from skins to bones, etc. And these two products are easy to use, you just need to move your cursor up and down, such as what you can see from the following video:

There are two different toolbars in the 3D diagram page, the left one is for you to select organs with pictures, to move or rotate the subject, and to zoom in or zoom out, while the right one is for you to select organs with text, to add notes, to share your edited diagram, etc.

By the way, both Google Body and Google Cow use WebGL, a new standard for 3D on the Web, if your browser does not support WebGL, Google will show you some resolution suggestions.

Will Google launch 3D diagrams for dogs, cats, birds and some other animals later? Let’s see.

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