Google Recipes

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Google has just launched a new product — “Recipes”, which is a search engine for you to find recipes in multiple languages from different recipe websites.

Comparing to these top 10 professional recipe websites, Google Recipes has some advantages as well as some shortcomings:

Google Recipes

I. The advantages of Google Recipes

Google Recipes has just cover the shortages of those recipe websites:

1. You can search recipes from many websites

Google Recipes indexes many recipe websites, such as AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food, and so on.

2. You can search multiple languages

Besides English, Google Recipes is also available for you to search recipes in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and some other languages.

3. You can filter your search results

You can filter the result recipes by ingredients, cooking time and/or calories, and you can also search recipes from an indexed site by adding the following content behind the search keyword:


Besides the above three main features, Google Recipes is also available for you to preview the picture, the cooking time, the calorie and some other information of every recipe.

II. The shortcomings of Google Recipes

As a search engine, Google Recipes has some shortcomings:

1. It doesn’t index so many recipe websites

Although Google Recipes has indexed many famous recipe websites, but not all, for example, it has no results from Chow, which is really a nice recipe website as mentioned before.

2. It doesn’t offer suggestions

You can’t get suggestions about what recipes are popular, what are new, what are good for Christmas, etc., as you can do with most of those recipe websites.


Google Recipes is good for you to search recipes from different websites when you know what food to search.

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