How Can Facebook Enter China?

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With over 1.3 billion people, China is a big market for every company that wants to make money.

So, if Facebook would like to earn more money, an easy way is to enter the China market, but which will be evil, too.


Since Facebook has been blocked in China, where people have to use some VPN, Proxy, SSH or some other anti-censorship tools to get access to it, no Chinese company likes to advertise on a foreign website no one can visit normally. And what is more, every Chinese networking company must locate their servers in China, so —

The Only Way For Facebook To Enter China Is To Create A Chinese Version

A Chinese version doesn't mean a Facebook in Chinese language only, but also a new domain (something like, or, a server system located in China, and a censorship policy — which is evil.

Since the Chinese government likes to ask Chinese companies to filter those critics about the Communist Party, the country leaders, the current policies and any other "Sensitive" contents with just some phone calls or secret notes. In case that Facebook did enter China, it would have to hire a team to handle "sensitive" posts and comments, just as what Sina, Sohu, Tencent and all the other Chinese networking companies are doing, as mentioned before.

Google didn't want to play with such censorship, so it had moved its Google China search services to Google Hong Kong.

Will Facebook be like Google, or be evil and enter China with a censorship version? I don't know indeed, but I hope it don't be such an evil. How about you? Do you think Facebook will enter China? Share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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