How To Access Blocked Sites

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Mehrdad Shamsara from Iran said that all the free VPN sites were censored in the country, and asked for some other solutions to access blocked sites.

As a matter of fact, besides Mehrdad Shamsara, there are some other readers asking for more free VPNs; and besides Iran, Belarus, China, Cuba and some other countries also have internet censorship and block sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.

To unblock the internet censorship and access those blocked sites for free, you can check out below ways:

How To Access Blocked Sites

I. To Access Blocked Sites Directly

For those blocked sites, you can visit them directly with some free anti-censorship tools:

1. Free online proxy websites

For online proxy websites, you don’t need to download or install anything, just open them with your computer browsers and enter the URLs of those blocked sites, which you can visit directly then.

Although online proxy websites are very easy to use, most of them display pop-up ads when you are opening a site.

2. Free proxy softwares

For proxy softwares, you need to download and / or even install them in your computer.

Most of those proxy softwares are free without any ads, and have larger traffic limit than online proxy websites.

3. Free VPN services

Proxy softwares are only workable for those applications (such as browsers) you want to use to unblock the censorship, and VPN services will workable for all the programs run in your computer.

Some VPN services ( such as these 5 ) require download and installation, while some others ( such as these 3 ) don’t.

Besides the above three kinds of anti-censorship tools, you can also use SSH services, but most of which are not free, and I haven’t found any excellent free ones, so this way will be excluded here.

Among all the above free anti-censorship tools, it’s hard to say which one is the best, since all of them may be blocked some day, you need to test and find out which one is workable for you best.

If all the above anti-censorship tools or their websites are blocked, then how to get access to blocked sites directly? You can search Google and find some other ones, or you can use below indirect ways:

II. To Access Blocked Sites Indirectly

Instead to enter the URLs in your browser address bar, you can get access to blocked sites indirectly with below three tools for free:

1. Google Cache

Web cache is a snapshot of a page, you can visit the cache of the blocked sites if them will display in Google search result pages.

You just need to search the sites or their URLs, then click the “Cached” link on the result page.

2. Google Translate

With Google Translate, you just need type the URL of the blocked site, and select a language, then you can view the blocked site in the translated language.

And you can also read the original language on the same translation result page.

3. RSS Reader

Most of the sites offer RSS feeds now, which you can subscribe and read them with your RSS Reader ( Such as Google Reader).

For those sites without RSS Feed supports, you can generate RSS Feeds for them with Page2RSS, and then subscribe with your RSS Reader.

All blocked sites can be unblocked with the above methods, but if you have any other ways to access blocked sites, share with us by leaving a comment. And if this site or any of its page is blocked, do you know how to get access to it? 🙂

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