How to Download Flash Videos from 123greetings

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download flash videos happy birthday card

My boss Sophia’s birthday is coming, and I want to send her a greeting card.

After Google, I find out a nice birthday card on the website. The birthday card is a flash video, and I wonder how to send it to Sophia.

Although you can send it directly on the 123greetings website, there will be many unwanted information and links in the email you sent, just as below:

123gretings email

It will be better if just to copy and send the flash video page link, just as below:

Sophia will see the flash video when clicking on the link, but since there will be some Ads on the flash video page, I prefer to download the flash video and send it to Sophia as an attachment.

How to Download Flash Videos from 123greetings

To download flash videos from 123greetings is easy, I just install the Download Flash and Video add-on in my Firefox browser, open the webpage of the flash video, and then download it with a single click.

Besides Flash, Download Flash and Video is also available for you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion and some other video websites or webpages.

Do you have any other ways to download flash videos from 123greetings or other greeting card websites in Firefox browser?

By the way, for Chrome browser user, you can download flash videos directly without installing any extensions according to these four steps.

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