How to Install and Use GAppProxy

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Besides Hyk-proxy, GAppProxy is also a great proxy tool based upon GAE, and it is also easy to install and use.

The latest version of GAppProxy is 2.0.0, which was updated two days ago, and below are the easy tutorials for how to install and use it:

I. How to install GAppProxy

The installation of GAppProxy is quite easy, just 5 steps:

Step 1. To create a GAE application

freenuts gae create

Same as Hyk-proxy, log in your GAE account and create an available application ID, such as “freenutsdotorg” used for this post.

Step 2. To download and install Python and Google App Engine SDK for Python

If you haven’t gotten these two softwares on hand as mentioned before, you can download Python on its official website, and download Google App Engine SDK for Python from Google Code.

After that, install both of them.

Step 3. To download and extract GAppProxy clients and fetchserver


On the Downloads page, there are two versions of GAppProxy clients, one is “” for any operation system with Python installation, and the other is “” for Windows operation system only. And there is only one version of fetchserver, “”.

After downloads, extract the zip files.

Step 4. To edit the app.yaml file

freenuts gae gappproxy

Open the “app.yaml” file in the fetchserver folder, and change the application name “your_application_name” to your new GAE application ID, such as “freenutsdotorg”, then save the file.

Step 5. To upload fetchserver

Open the CMD file, and use below commands to upload the fetchserver folder and its files to your GAE account: update fetchserver-2.0.0

For example, if the location of the fetchserver folder is as below:


The commands to upload it to GAE will be like those in below image:

gae-gappproxy cmd

During the process, you will need to enter your Gmail username (visible) and password (invisible), and when the process finished, you will see something like that in below image:


II. How to Use GAppProxy

After installation, the usage of GAppProxy will be very easy.

1. How to use GAppProxy with localproxy-2.0.0


If you have download the “”, open the proxy.conf file of the extracted folder, and change the last sentence:

#fetch_server =

to below sentence:

fetch_server =

Remember to remove the “#” symbol and replace “freenutsdotorg” with your GAE application ID.

Then, open the “” file, and change your browser http proxy to below address: 8000

You can refer to this post for how to set the http proxy on Firefox browser.

After this, you are able to use GAppProxy to visit any blocked websites.

2. How to use GAppProxy with localproxy-2.0.0-win

The GAppProxy client localproxy-2.0.0-win is for Windows system only, and the usage is nearly same as localproxy-2.0.0.

You just need to change the fetch_server name and remove the “#” symbol, then run the “proxy.exe” and set your browser’s http proxy to 8000.

That’s all about how to install and use GAppProxy, hope you enjoy it and get access any blocked websites with it.

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