How To Pick A Random Winner For Your Twitter Contest Or Giveaway

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For those who want to pick a random winner for a Twitter contest or giveaway, you can certainly generate a random number with these top 10 websites and find out which participant matches the number.

Instead to count the participant numbers one by one, you can also check out the following two websites, which are easy for you to pick a random winner for your Twitter contest or giveaway directly:

1. Tweetaways


The Tweetaways website is available for you to draw a random winner for your Twitter contest or giveaway according to the tweets.

You need to follow @tweetaways on Twitter, then enter your Twitter username and ask for a key, which will be sent to you via directly message soon.

In the following column, paste the key, as well as your Twitter username and the qualifying phrase, which every participant should tweet for the contest, such as a hashtag, a username, a phrase or any other keywords, then you will receive a reply message with the winner name from @tweetaways, such as the following:

@freenuts We chose a winner: out of 30 entries, it’s @denharsh! Please contact the winner directly 🙂 [9e83a2d3ed2e]

2. Tweetrandomizer


The Tweetrandomizer website is easy for you to pick a random winner from your Twitter followers.

What you need to do is just to enter your Twitter username, and click the “Find out!” button, then you will get a random winner from your followers. You can read the winner’s bio, last tweet, website and some other information, you can tweet the result, and you can also schedule the tweet.

The winner result will be showed on your own Tweetrandomizer page, such as this, and you can only pick one winner everyday.

Between the above two websites, I think Tweetaways is more powerful, what do you think? Or do you have any other websites to pick a random winner for your Twitter contest or giveaway? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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