How To Publish Your Book On iBookstore

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Want to publish your book (such as this) on iBookstore for people to read on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices?

Which will be very easy that if you already have an eBook in ePub format, and the following will show you how to publish your ePub book on iBookstore with iTunes Producer in 3 steps:

1. Create an iBookstore account

Create an iBookstore account

On the iTunes Connect Signup page, click on the "Get Started" button, and select to create a free books account or a paid books account.

By the way, whichever account you choose, you need an Apple ID with a valid credit card, but which you can replace with a virtual one.

2. Download iTunes Producer

Download iTunes Producer

Visit and log in the iTunes Connect page, then download and install the iTunes Producer.

3. Deliver Your ePub book

Deliver Your ePub book

Open iTunes Producer, click on the "Create New Package" button and then click on the "Next" button to enter your eBook information, such as language, ePub file, cover, so on and so forth, any column with a red "*" symbol must be filled.

After that, you can click on the "Deliver" button to upload your ePub book to iBookstore.

If everything goes on well, you will see a successful message as well as a big green "✔" symbol, such as what you can see from the following image:

iTunes Producer Deliver Successfully

If something is wrong, 99% will because that your ePub formats are not 100% correct, then you can see the errors as results, which you can refer to and edit your ePub book with Sigil as mentioned before and deliver again.

Besides, you can also click on the "Send to Apple" button to send the errors to Apple for some advice about how to correct your ePub eBook.

By the way, your ePub book won't be available on iBookstore immediately after delivery, since Apple also needs to verify its quality manually, and which may be taken a couple of days.

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