How To Set Up VPN In Your Computer And Mobile Phone

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How To Set Up VPNFree Nuts has introduced some free VPN services (such as these 3), but never showed how to set up them in detail, since I thought which was easy.

Armin from Iran said that I could help people with explaining how to configure and connect those free vpn services. So this post will show you how to set up VPN in your computer and mobile phone.

Since StrongVPN (with videos or screencast), ItsHidden (with screencast), MacroVPN (with videos) and some other VPN providers have already offered detailed setup tutorials, this post will only show you some key steps.

For those desktop VPN services (such as these), you just need to install and run them, so this post is only for those VPN services without installation (such as these).

I. The types of VPN services

The most two popular VPN types are PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), which you can refer to Wikipedia for more details.

For those free VPN, most of them only offer PPTP services.

II. What do you need to set up VPN

When you get a VPN service, whether it’s free or not, you will need the following information to set it up:

1. The server address: host name (such as or IP address (such as,

2. Your username,

3. Your password,

4. Your Shared Secret (for L2TP only).

That’s all. By the way, when the host name is blocked in your area, you can try to replace it with the IP address.

III. The key step to set up VPN

The most difficult step for VPN setup is to find where to add your VPN account information. For example, to set up VPN in Windows XP, you need to find the " Virtual Private Network connection" option according to the following path:

Network Connections -> New Connection Wizard -> Connect to the network at my workplace -> Virtual Private Network connection

How to set up VPN in Windows XP

On the option page, enter your VPN host name or IP address, and then you can connect the VPN with your username and password.

For the step-by-step tutorials of how to set up VPN in your computer and mobile phone, you can check out the links of ItsHidden, MacroVPN and StrongVPN as mentioned in the beginning of this post.

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