How to Share Mobile Videos to Twitter from Your Cellphone?

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Did you ever think to share your mobile videos to Twitter from your cellphone directly?

If we are going the share our computer videos to Twitter, we may just upload the video to any website (such as youtube), then copy the url and sent it to Twitter. Or you can just upload the video to some website like 12seconds which will send the video url to Twitter directly.

How about to share your mobile videos to Twitter? Surely, you can also upload the video to youtube via email first, and then paste the url to twitter, but which will be a little complex. Luckily, there are some nice services which let you send the mobile video to their websites, and they will send the video URL to Twitter at the same time. Among those websites, below 6 are surely the best, and what is more, they are all free.

1. Vidly

Vidly was called TwitVid before. You just need to sign in with your twitter user name and password, and then Vidly will offer you a private email address, to which the mobile video you send will be posted to twitter.

As mentioned by Vidly, you can still send mobile videos to [email protected]

2. Twiddeo

Twiddeo is a little like Vidly, you sign in with your twitter account, and then Twiddeo will offer you a private email address, the mobile videos you send to the email address will be shared to twitter, too.

3. 12seconds

12seconds has a mobile version website,, in which you can only watch or download, no way to upload. But there are 3 ways to upload your videos to 12seconds from your moblie phone:

3.1. Via email

Just to send the mobie video to the email address 12seconds offers to you.

3.2. Via software

If you are using iPhone, you have a chance to pay for a software with 99 cents.

3.3. Via Flixwagon or QIK

First of all, you have to register to Flixwagon or QIK, and then make sure to connect them to 12seconds, next time the videos you send to Flixwagon or QIK will be synced to 12seconds and then shared to twitter.

4. Flixwagon

Flixwagon is only workable for Nokia and iPhone. You just need to download and install the related mobie app, and then you can upload your mobile videos to Flixwagon and share them to Twitter or/and Youtube.

5. QIK

QIK is a mobile app and workable for many kinds of mobile phones, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and so on. The videos can be uploaded to QIK via WIFI, 3G or CDMA from your mobile phone.

6. veeTweets

veeTweets is only workable for Windows Mobile, you can share the mobile video to twitter easily, quite cute.

I use QIK to share mobile videos to twitter from my BlackBerry. How about you? Do you have any other great ways to share your mobile videos to Twitter?

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