How To Use Hyk-proxy In A Mac

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As one of my favorite free anti-censorship tools, Hyk-proxy is fast and easy to use, as you can see in this tutorial.

That tutorial only takes the Windows system for an example, but there is a little different between Windows and Mac on the usages about how to start the client and how to deploy tasks.

1. How to start the Hyk-proxy client in a Mac

In a Windows, you just need to double-click the Startgui.bat file, then you are done. But in a Mac, you need to start the Hyk-proxy client with the Terminal:

Firstly, open a Terminal window;

Secondly, locate the path of the Bin directory of Hyk-proxy with the cd commend;

Lastly, run the file with the sh commend, that’s all.

For example, if the Hyk-proxy package is saved under the App Engine SDK directory, the terminal commends will look like the following (regardless those before air$ in every line):

238:~ air$ cd appengine-java-sdk-1.4.3
238:appengine-java-sdk-1.4.3 air$ cd hyk-proxy
238:hyk-proxy air$ cd hyk-proxy-0.9.2
238:hyk-proxy-0.9.2 air$ cd bin
238:bin air$ sh

If everything is OK, you will see the Hyk-proxy client like the following:


2. How to deploy tasks in a Mac

As a matter of fact, the Hyk-proxy project offers 2 default fetch services, which means you can just start the client and run it. But if you want to use your own fetch services and get a faster speed, you can create your GAE applications and then upload the Hyk-proxy server files (deploy tasks) to them.

For how to create GAE applications, you can refer to this post, and for how to deploy tasks, you can simply run the in the Hyk-proxy GAE Server directory with some Terminal commends like the following (regardless those before air$ in every line):

airmatoMacBook-Air:~ air$ cd appengine-java-sdk-1.4.3
airmatoMacBook-Air:appengine-java-sdk-1.4.3 air$ cd hyk-proxy
airmatoMacBook-Air:hyk-proxy air$ cd hyk-proxy-gae-server-0.9.1
airmatoMacBook-Air:hyk-proxy-gae-server-0.9.1 air$ sh

If everything is OK, you will see a window like the following:

hyk-proxy deploy task in mac

Enter your GAE application ID, select the location of the War folder, enter your Gmail account and password, then you can add task and deploy it, just as what you need to do in a Windows.

By the way, you can add multiple application IDs, but remember to add them to the Hyk-proxy client, too.


Here is some extra information for your reference:

1. One tip

Instead to type out a long path, you can drag a folder or file to a Terminal window after the commend word, for example, you can drag a folder and drop it behind the commend word "cd" mentioned above.

2. One bug

If you minimize the Hyk-proxy client window and then reopen it, you will see a blank window like the following:

hyk-proxy client blank

But this doesn’t affect the process of Hyk-proxy.

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