How To Use Online Language Virtual Keyboards

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Online Language Virtual Keyboards are good for you to input Chinese, Japanese, French and many other languages directly anywhere anytime on any computers, tablets or smart phones.

But how to use them indeed?

A few days ago, Imgflip user "tntdabomb" asked for a translation of the text in the following image I posted:

How to use language virtual keyboards

Without any French knowledge, I got the translation with the following 5 easy steps:

1. To detect the original language

First things first. You should know what is the language of the text in the image.

If you know the language is French, it will be great, and if not, you can try to type some of the text and detect its language with a free online translation service (such as Google Translate), or try different virtual keyboards until you can type the text.

2. To select the virtual keyboard

When you know what the language is, you can type the text with an online virtual keyboard, such as Branah, Easybable, Gate2Home or some others.

3. To enter the original text

Open the selected virtual keyboard and type the original text, such as the following for the sample image:

Le salopard il utilise un VPN* crypté

4. To translate the original text

Double-check what you have typed and make sure it is same as what you can see in the image, then copy and paste it into Google Translate or some other similar services you like to get the translation.

For the above text mentioned, the translation offered by Google Translate will be:

The bastard is using encrypted VPN *

5. To edit the translation

If the translation doesn't seem naturally and correctly, you can try to edit it, such as to change the above translation into the following:

The bastard is using VPN encryption!

Which will sounds better. By the way, besides the text mentioned above, there is also another French message in the bottom of the image:

Le deep packet inspection vu de l'intérieur

Can you translate the above text into English with those online language virtual keyboards according to the above 5 steps? 🙂

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