How To Validate ePub Books With Sigil

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When creating an ePub book with ePub Bud, how to verify it for iBookstore?

You can check out Sigil, which is a free EPUB editor available for Windows and Mac.

After download and installation, you can validate your ePub book and make sure it works for Apple iBookstore in the following 3 steps:

1. Open your ePub book

Open your ePub book

Clicking on the "Open" option of "File" in the Sigil top menu bar, then you can browse and open your ePub book created before.

2. Validate your ePub book

Validate your ePub book

When the ePub book is opened, clicking on the "Validate EPUB With FlightCrew" option of the "Tools" menu, then you can validate your ePub book and check out if it has any problems in the Validation Results.

3. Edit your ePub book

Edit your ePub book

For the errors listed in the results mentioned in step 2, you can click on them, find them and edit them.

For example, if you come across the following error:

attribute 'target' is not declare for element 'a'.

Then you can open the "Find & Replace" window, find the 'target' tags (such as target="_blank") and replace them with nothing in all HTML files at a time.

Although all the results are errors, you can neglect some smaller ones, such as the following:

This resource is present in the OPF <manifest>, but it's not reachable (it's unused).

And if you have no idea which errors can be neglected, you can just change what you know, and keep those you don't know, then save the ePub book and upload it to iBookstore, in case which is failed because of file errors, you can edit the ePub book with Sigil again.

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