How To Watch Movies Online Free Correctly

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When to watch a movie online free, you need to do 2 things, one is to find a movie, the other is to find a free website.

Step 1: To find a good movie

A bad movie will just waste your time and ruin your mood, check out the IMDb site, sort those top 250 rated movies by ranking, rating or release date, and find out which one you are going to watch.

By the way, you can also check out the Douban site to see which movies are most popular in China.

Step 2: To find a free online movie website

After deciding which movie to watch, you can check out these 10 websites to see if it is available for you to watch online free.

If it is a new movie just released, it may be not available so soon. But if it is not such a new one, it will be 99% available.

Among those websites, my favorite 2 are (EN) and (CN).

By the way, if the network is too slow for you to watch the movie online, you can also download it to watch offline later.

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