If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The above idiom tells us that if something works well, there is no reason to change it.

Yesterday, the WordPress plugin W3TC on my blog came across the following error:

W3TC Error

The error said there was something wrong with the .htaccess file, and into which I should add some codes manually.

In fact, the above error would appear every time when I reactivated the W3TC plugin, even though I had already added those codes it asked for into the .htaccess file, which was so boring that I deactivated it at last.

But very unluckily, the blog was down a few hours later, since its server was overload, so I had to reload the server and to reactivate the plugin, as a result, the blog was up and worked well again, though the error was still there and I was still too lazy to add those codes into the .htaccess file manually again.

So, next time, when there were some errors of any WordPress plugins on my blog, but which displayed without any real problems and the readers wouldn't see the errors, I wouldn't do anything to try to fix the "problems", but just let those errors go.

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