In My Words

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While it is very hard to control what people are going to publish, it is very easy to change the words they have published.

In my words is such a free Chrome extension for you to replace any words you do NOT like to see with the ones you like.

in my words option

After installation, you can click on the Chrome browser Wrench icon, visit the "Tools > Extensions" page, find "In My Words" and click "Options", on which window, you can enter the words you don't like (such as "free") in the left, along with their replacements (such as "paid") in the right, and click the "Save" button, then you can start browsing and find out that every "free" on any webpage will replaced by "paid", as what you can see from the following image:

In my words results

In fact, besides words, you can also replace phrases, sentences, any keywords, including characters, besides English, you can also replace Chinese, Japanese, French or any other languages, and besides public webpages (such as this one you are reading), you can also see the results on any private webpage (such as the admin page of your WordPress blog).

So, with this extension, you can browse the web you love without the words you don't.

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