An Easy Way to Increase Page Speed

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Although I have installed the famous WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache in my FreeNuts Movie blog, the Page Speed Score of which is still under 80, as you can see from below image:

increase page speed

There are suggestions offered by those website speed testing tools, but I have no idea how to combine external JavaScript/CSS, leverage browser caching, or minimize DNS lookups, so I prefer to find some WordPress plugins to resolve the problem.

At last, I found out a WordPress plugin called Use Google Libraries, and wanted to check it out, though I had no idea what it would do in fact.

The result was exciting, since the Page Speed Score of FreeNuts Movie blog was increased to 83, as you can see from below image:

Page Speed

Now, I have installed the WordPress plugin Use Google Libraries in all my blogs (including this one). What do think? Have you ever used this plugin? Or do you have any other WordPress plugins to increase Page Speed scores for your blog? Share with us by adding a comment.

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