Increase Your Typing Speed With Type Fu

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To practice touch typing and improve the speed, you can check out these 10 websites as mentioned before.

The following will show you another similar new website — Type Fu, which is also free for you to increase your typing speed online with some special features:

Type Fu

I. You can choose different lessons

Type Fu offers 5 different lessons for you to choose:

1. Letters

Contained infinite number of random letters, this lesson offers 23 difficulty levels.

2. Numbers

With 9 difficulty levels, the Numbers lesson is available for you to increase your touch typing speed with number excises.

3. Words

The Words lesson offers 10 difficulty levels for you to practice with 5,000 most popular English words.


The Quotes lesson has over 250 quotes by famous people.

5. Proverbs

The Proverbs lesson has over 250 proverbs, which will be shown to you in random order.

II. You can get detailed analyses

Besides your typing speed and accuracy with text and charts, you can also view your most typed keys as well as the most mistyped ones with graphs.

III. You can play with different keyboards

You can choose Qwerty, Dvorak or Colemak keyboard layouts for the exercises.

Besides the above 3 main features, you can also turn off the sounds, stop on errors, hide the sidebar, etc., and even add an App to your Chrome browser.

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