Instant Google Street View

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Street view is a good thing, with which you can get a 3D view of a city, a world wonders project, or even a sea.

But Google doesn't develop its Maps well, so that someone else helps to develop a new one — Instant Google Street View.

Instant Google Street View

As the name, Instant Google Street View is an online map for you to see the Google street views instantly, and you do not need to enter the full name of a location, but just a few of the beginning characters, then the rest will be auto-completed and the search will be started automatically.

Instant Google Street View

Besides to search, you can also click to see the street view of a random location, and besides to see the street view, you can also see the location in map view on the same page.

And besides to view online, you can also download the current street view as a 640px*640px JPG file, or copy the street view link and share it with your friends.

For the location which has no street view, the Instant Google Street View site will show you a map instead.

By the way, you need to refresh the current page to search another location to see its street view, which is boring and wasting time.

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