Investment = Buying + Waiting + Selling

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For investment, you only need to do 3 things, which are buying , waiting and selling.

1. Buying = Hammer + Orderbook + Bottom

While nothing is for sure, these 3 patterns are safer signals for you to entry a market.

2. Waiting = Doing Nothing

I had made 3 major mistakes during my trading career. One was taking TA too seriously, one was trading by daily time frame, and one was easily being effected by authorities.

In fact, you have to disregard authority, news, TA, time and anything else but price after buying, which means that you don’t need to do anything until the price is high enough to sell.

3. Selling = Focusing On Price Only

In a bull stage, 100% t0 1000% profit from bottom (or ICO) is reasonable on any market. And 100% t0 1000% lost from top is also reasonable on any market.

On price, don’t believe anyone, just focus on how much you have earned, and don’t be too greedy, you won’t be able to and you don’t need to sell on the top. To earn 100% is better than to lost 10%.

In fact, people will be more greedy when the price is higher and higher day by day, in such a bullish time, it is hard to sell, because they want to earn more.

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