Learn Chinese Online for Free with Chinese-tools

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Want to learn some Chinese?

Like English or any other foreign languages, you can learn Chinese online for free, and what you need to do is just to find a nice website which will let you learn Chinese with fun.

Chinese-tools.com is such a nice website that it will offer you some basic Chinese courses, some useful language tools, and some other resources, below are what you can get from it:

I. Chinese Courses

You can learn some basic Chinese knowledge according to below three different kinds of courses:

1. Free online mandarin audio courses

There are 30 online lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, and other basic Chinese knowledge, you can download the audio and listen to it.

2. Chinese Characters

There are some examples for you to learn how to spell and write Chinese characters step by step.

3. Chinese Vocabulary Lists

There are about 30 Chinese vocabulary lists with hundreds of words.

II. Chinese Dictionary

There are five Chinese dictionaries for different usages:

1. Chinese English Dictionary

You can search a Chinese word for its English meaning, or you can search an English word for its Chinese meaning.

2. Chinese Character Dictionary

You can search Chinese characters by words, by pinyin or by radical, the results will show you the meaning of the characters both in English and Chinese.

3. Chinese Synonyms Thesaurus

When you search a word’s synonyms, you will see its synonyms, similar words and antonyms.

4. Chinese Slang

You can search Chinese slang phrases and find out their meaning, or you can check out the Chinese slang by their first pinyin letters.

5. Chengyu Dictionary

One chengyu has four Chinese characters, and you can search the meaning of a chengyu by its first character.

III. Tools

Chinese-tools.com has some cool tools for you to learn Chinese online for free:

1. Chinese Annotation Tool

Enter a text in Chinese, then Chinese Annotation Tool will show you the pinyin and the meaning of every word or phrase.

2. Chinese Pronunciation Tool

Paste a Chinese text, and then you’ll get the pinyin pronunciation of all the characters.

3. Chinese Input Method Editor

Based on pinyin, this tool allows you to write Chinese on your computer without installing any software.

4. Pinyin Editor

Pinyin Editor allows you to write Pinyin directly on your computer.

5. Traditional to Simplified

This tool allows you to convert a Chinese text from traditional to simplified characters.

6. Simplified to Traditional

This tool allows you to convert a Chinese text from simplified to traditional characters.

IV. Chinese Name

You can deal with your Chinese name in some funny ways:

1. Chinese name translation

This tool will let you translate your name into Chinese.

2. Chinese Tattoo

You can see 8 Chinese dragons on the web page of Chinese Tattoo.

3. Chinese Calligraphy Editor

This tool lets you create your own Chinese calligraphy, which you can download as an image.

4. Name on Painting

Enter a Chinese name, choose a painting, press on “Paint”, then your name will appear on the painting.

5. Chinese Seal Generator

You can get your own unique and personalized Chinese seal, with your name or any other words.

V. Leisure

The Leisure feature is something like to learn Chinese by playing games:

1. Learn Chinese Painting

This function will teach you how to paint some animals step by step.

2. Learn Chinese Calligraphy

These courses will teach you Chinese calligraphy with the basic strokes and the traditional radicals.

3. Chinese Songs

You can listen to some Chinese songs with lyrics written in Chinese characters and pinyin.

4. Chinese Proverbs

There are hundreds of Chinese proverbs in simplified Chinese with pinyin and English explanations.

5. Chinese astrology

You can learn some knowledges about Chinese astrology and Zodiac.

6. Caricatures of Chinese celebrities

There are some caricatures of some Chinese celebrities, such as Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Yao Ming, and so on.

VI. China Forum

You can join the discussion in the China forum, and you can also join the China Club to exchange language knowledges with others.

Besides the above 6 main functions, you can also learn more Chinese cultures from the China travel tips or the Chinese news written in English.

By the way, there are some small errors of the Chinese-tools.com website, such as some songs from YouTube are not available any more, and the webpage for Example tab of Chinese dictionary is not found.

Do you think the Chinese-tools.com website is useful? Or do you have any other nice websites to learn Chinese online for free? Share with us by adding a comment.

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