Top 10 Websites to Learn Chinese Online for Free

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The internet is a powerful resource for you to learn nearly anything for free.

Like to learn English, there are also many websites for you to learn Chinese online for free, and among those websites, below 10 are most powerful and worthy of a try:

1. offers you some basic Chinese courses, some useful language tools, and some other resources, you can learn Chinese pinyin, slang, calligraphy, and some other Chinese basic knowledge or skills.

Go to

2. Nciku

Nciku is an online dictionary, you can learn Chinese characters, words or phrases by their meaning, writing, pronunciation and example sentences, you can learn some conversations, vocabulary lists, theme words, and you can also join the community and communicate with other people.

Go to Nciku

3. Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary

On Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary website, you can learn Chinese characters by their meaning, writing and pronunciation, you can take some Chinese character quizzes, you can create character flashcards, and you can also use the dictionary on your mobile phone.

Go to Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary

4. BBC Chinese

BBC Chinese offers you some mini-guides for Chinese pinyin, tones and characters, you can watch some videos of real conversations, you can take some tests, and you can also play some funny character games.

Go to BBC Chinese

5. Livemocha

Livemocha focuses on learning a foreign language by courses and communications. To learn Chinese online, you can pick up a Chinese course, submit your answers, and chat with the members whose native language is Chinese.

Go to Livemocha

6. Ting

Ting (听) means to listen, and as the name, you can learn Chinese by listening to lots of materials, such as conversations, stories, poetry, and so on. You can listen to Chinese words, phrases and sentences for different topics, such as computer, time, weather, and so on.

Go to Ting

7. Lang-8

Lang-8 focuses on writing in a foreign language. You write something in Chinese that you are learning, then native speakers will correct your writing, and you can also help others learn your native language by correcting their writing.

Go to Lang-8

8. English-Chinese Vocabulary Quizzes

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is China’s national standardized test to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers, and English-Chinese Vocabulary Quizzes offers you many quizzes for every level test of HSK.

Go to English-Chinese Vocabulary Quizzes

9. Courses Internet Polyglot

The website Courses Internet Polyglot is for you to learn vocabulary in multiple languages. You can select the Chinese-English language course, and choose the lesson you want to learn, then you can learn the Chinese words with meaning, pronunciation and images.

Go to Courses Internet Polyglot

10. Learn Chinese Everyday

Learn Chinese Everyday mainly teaches you a Chinese word everyday, you can learn the word by its meaning, pronunciation, common words/phrases, and sentences. You can listen to all the example words, phrases and sentences.

Go to Learn Chinese Everyday

Among the above 10 websites, some (such as Ting) focus on listening, some (such as Lang-8) focus on writing, some (such as Nciku) focus on vocabulary, and some focus on other Chinese skills or knowledge, you can check them out and choose the best for you. If you have any other websites to learn Chinese online for free, welcome to share with us by adding a comment.

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