Learn English Vocabulary Online Free With Vocabla

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To be good at English, one of the most important things is to remember the vocabulary as more as possible.

But how to do that easily and funny? You can check out Vocabulary.com as mentioned before, the following will show you another similar service — Vocabla, which is also a web app for you to learn English vocabulary online free.

Learn English Vocabulary Online Free With Vocabla

Different from Vocabulary.com, which is available for you to learn English vocabulary by definition, Vocabla is mainly for you to do that by translating non-English languages.

For what to learn, you can create your own lists by adding new words, play the existing lists in the library, or follow some other members to track what words they have learned and to add them to your own lists.

No matter which list you are going to learn, you can play it in the following 3 ways:

1. Flashcards

Clicking on the words in your native language, you can listen to and see their English translation.

2. Guessing

Selecting the collect English translation for the words in your native language.

3. Writing

Writing down the English translation for the words in your native language.

Among the above 3 ways, Guessing is default, you get points from it as well as the Writing way, and the more points you get, the more badges as well as the better rankings you will get.

Up till now, Vocabla supports 8 non-English languages, which are Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Polish.

Besides to learn English Vocabulary from non-English language, you can also choose English as your native language and learn English Vocabulary by definitions.

By the way, Vocabla is also available for mobile phones with iOS and Android apps, and there is also a Vocabla Firefox extension for you to defining English words by double-clicking on them on any web page, like an online dictionary.

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