Learn English Words With Vocabulary.com

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To learn English, one of the most important parts is to remember the vocabulary, which may be hard and boring.

But you can also do that easy and funny with Vocabulary.com, which is a website for you to learn English vocabulary online, free of charge.


Opening the homepage of the website, you can start to learn vocabulary at once by selecting one answer from four of a single-selection question. If you are wrong, you can continue to choose, till you are right, then, you can possibly get a very detailed explanation of the correct word, which you can even listen and learn how to speak.

For those example sentences, some of them are from popular sources, such as New York Times, The Economist, Salon and more, which makes the words you learn are "essential to academic and business success".

For some results, there will be a "Look Up" button after every answer, clicking on the button, you can read the definitions, synonyms, examples and some other details of the word. And, you can also look up any English word you like to by entering it into the "LOOK IT UP" search box.

By the way, you don’t need to sign up to learn English words with the website Vocabulary.com, but you can track your progress after registration.

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