Learn how to Treat Psychosis with BCSS

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It will be painful when there is a psychotic in a family, but since there will be 3 psychotic among every 100 persons, we don’t need to be too disappointed or sad.

What is more, psychosis is just “a loss of touch with reality”, and it is “treatable”, so we need to treat it with hope. And it will be helpful to learn some knowledge and skills about how to treat psychosis, especially how to discover the mental health illness early.

Founded in 1982 by families and friends of people with schizophrenia, BCSS (the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society) is a non-profit organization which “supports for people who care about someone with a mental illness”.

You can get many basic and useful information as well as some helpful advice about psychosis on the BCSS website:

1. The symptoms of psychosis

BCSS lists all the symptoms a psychotic maybe have, such as below:

  • Depression,
  • Sleeping excessively or inability to sleep,
  • Social withdrawal, isolation, and reclusiveness,
  • Deterioration of social relationships,
  • Forgetting things,

Besides words, BCSS also shows you the symptoms of psychosis with below video:

There are real recovered psychotic as actors in the video tutorial.

2. Psychosis is treatable

When you find out someone you love has psychosis illness, don’t be too sad or worried, since psychosis is treatable. The BCSS ReachOut Psychosis program, shown in the below video, will help you learn to spot and stop psychosis early.

To believe that psychosis is treatable is the first and important thing to treat psychosis.

3. How to treat psychosis

When you have confidence that psychosis is treatable, the most important thing is to take the patient to see a doctor, the earlier, the better. Sometimes it is hard to persuade the patient to see a doctor, but you should never give up.

For how to get help for your loved one with psychosis illness, the BCSS website also offers some advices:

  • Take the initiative,
  • Be persistent,
  • Assist the doctor/psychiatrist,

Besides, there is also a forum on the BCSS website, from which you can share your problems and get help, or you can help others with your experiences.

4. Join psychosis community

In you are in Canada, you can go to the local BCSS office for help. Or you can join the local psychosis community if any in your location, so that you can get advice or even help from other person who are in the similar situation with you.

5. Take breaks from caregiving

When you are taking care the one you loved with psychosis illness, remember to have a break yourself, you need to take care yourself first before you can take care someone else.

Hope BCSS and the above information is helpful for you, and if you have any other websites or resources to learn how to treat psychosis, please share with us by adding a comment.

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