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To listen to free music online, you can check out Fizy, +Music, Rdio, and some more as mentioned before.

The following will show you another web app —, which is free for you to play music online with some special features:

1. You can listen to the trending music

You can listen to the top 20 songs of Overall, Your Network, Tastemakers, and Blues, Classical, Pop or some other genres.

2. You can explore music in many ways

Besides to search, you can also explore songs by Site of the Day, Genres, Featured Album, Tastemakers, Monthly Mixtape or Latest loved.

3. You can play all the music on every page

Whether for a trending, a pop, a user or any other page, you can play all the songs on it one by one in one click.

4. You can do social networking

After registration, you can follow users and listen to their loved songs, share your favorite songs via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email, or even buy the music you like.

5. You can listen to music on your iPhone offers an iPhone app, which you can download by just visiting its website on your mobile browser.

Although has the above 5 cool features, it also has some shortcomings, such as that you can’t download any music as what you can do with these 10 websites, or see the lyrics as what you can do with these 10 websites.

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