Listen To Music And Chat With SOUNDROP

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In 2011, Chill was available for you to chat with people while watching music videos in a room, free of charge.

But now, the web app has been changed to a paid service for you to buy and sell music videos, which is boring, right?

Luckily, we still have some other services to listen to music and chat with people in a room for free, such as SOUNDROP.


There are 2 ways for you to use SOUNDROP, one is to add its app in your Spotify account, the other is to open its web player in your browser.

No matter which way you are using, you can choose a room (such as Post Rock, Relaxing, Freedom, etc.) and join in it to enjoy the music with some other people, without login.

And after login With your Facebook or Twitter account, you can also create your own room and add music videos to it, vote for the songs you like in any room, chat with all the listeners, or even add music to other people's rooms.

But, the web player is in a beta version with bugs, for example, you may fail to add music to some (not all) rooms, since there are no ways for you to do that.

By the way, all the music videos are from YouTube, and you can only search YouTube to add music videos.

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