Listen To Music Online For Free With Rdio

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Rdio is a website for you to listen to music online, with both free (AD supported) and premium versions.

Similar with Pandora, Rdio is only available for USA and Canada, and if you are outside these two countries, you need to use VPN, Proxy, SSH or some other anti-censorship tools to get access to it.

Although there are also some commons, such as to support computers and smart phones, to offer hundreds of songs, to support search, etc., there are some big differences between Rdio and Pandora:


I. The advantages of Rdio

Comparing to Pandora, Rdio has the following advantages:

1. You can listen to albums

With Pandora, you can mainly listen to music according to stations, such as Classic, Blue, Jazz and some others, although there are also albums, but you can only listen to their sample tracks, while Rdio is available for you to listen to a whole album with all full-length tracks.

2. There are so many albums

There are hundreds of music albums, which you can filter by New Releases, Top Charts and Recommendations, or search by artists, album names, songs or even any other keywords.

II. The shortcomings of Rdio

While Rdio is good for you to listen to one artist or one album continually, it also has an obvious shortcoming comparing to Pandora:

1. There are no lyrics

While Pandora offers lyrics for most songs, Rdio doesn’t offer any lyric for any song.


Rdio allows you to download the albums & songs, but you need to pay for them, instead, you can check out these top 10 websites and download music albums online for 100% free.

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