Livefyre or Disqus?

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A perfect comment system for a blog must be spam-free, and easy for people to interact with each other.

The default WordPress comment system is far from perfect, neither spam-free, nor interactive easily, so we’d better install some third-party plugins to improve it.


Akismet is a good anti-spam plugin, but not enough, so you can install some CAPTCHA plugins like SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, but which I think is not human-friendly; and you can also try the Facebook comments box, but which has a few shortcomings I doesn’t like.

Besides the above two mentioned, another two popular plugins are Disqus and Livefyre, both of which can not only prevent spam, but also make the comment system more social interactive.

I’d tried Disqus on the Chinese blog Jing Pin for a couple of days, but dropped it later, because I failed to import the WordPress comments into it over 3 times.

Later, I came across with Livefyre and found out that it was faster and easier than Disqus, since it only took a few minutes to import the WordPress comments and when which was done, you can start using it directly without anything else to worry about.

Besides, Livefyre also has some special and cool features comparing to Disqus, such as you can see who is "listening" the post, mention your Twitter & Facebook friends, share your comments on Twitter and Facebook, etc. But same as Disqus, there will be still a few spam comments even though you are running Livefyre.

By the way, Livefyre offers both free and paid versions, for the free version, I think everything is fine except that you can only have "Up to 2 million monthly views", which means that you have to pay for it when your blog has over 2 million page views per month, hope I will have the money then. 🙂

So, which comment system you are using for your WordPress blog? Livefyre or Disqus?

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