Make Class Schedule Online with Schedule Generator for Free

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There should be a general class schedule for you and your classmates, but since you may choose some different classes or courses from your classmates’, it is useful to have a personal class schedule.

You can just make a class schedule with a pen and paper, or use a desktop software such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and so on. But it will be interesting to use a Schedule Generator to do that.

Schedule Generator is such an online tool for you to create your class schedule easily, and it is free.

You just need to add the class name, the time and the place, then a beautiful class schedule spreadsheet will be generated when you click the Generate button.

The generated class schedule sheet is ready to be printed.

But, according to my experience, Schedule Generator may be not workable for some persons, since:

1. You can only make a class schedule from Monday to Friday, so it will be not good if you have an extra class on Saturday or even on Sunday.

2. The available time is from 8 am to 8 pm, if you have classes or courses earlier than 8 am or later than 9 pm, there will be a problem.

What do you think? Is Schedule Generator workable for you?

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