Make Google+ Profile Pictures With Gpluspic

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Want to make a cool profile picture for your Google+?

As the name, Gpluspic is a website for you to make Google+ profile pictures online, and it is free with ADs.


On the website, you upload a JPG, GIF or PNG picture, select a part of it as your profile, and choose one style from 6, then you can preview and download your Google+ profile picture, which will look like the following:

1. Google+ profile picture

gpluspic google plus

Besides Google+ profile picture, you can also use the same picture to make your Facebook profile picture and an avatar picture, such as the following two images:

2. Facebook profile picture

gpluspic facebook

Click the "Facebook Pic" tab, choose one style from two, then you can preview and download the picture for your Facebook profile.

3. Avatar picture

gpluspic avatar

Click the "Avatar Pic" tab, choose one right bottom icon from 34, then you can preview and download the picture for your avatar.

Among the above three kinds of pictures, only the first one I think is cool, and the other two are not so interesting indeed.

By the way, Gpluspic says that it support JPG, PNG as well as GIF, but when I uploaded a GIF image, there was a 500 error such as the following:

Gpluspic Error

And there are no such errors when uploading JPG and PNG images.

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