Manage All Google Web Apps In One Place With Integrated Gmail

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Google has over 60 web apps, such as Gmail, Reader, Calendar, etc, and most users have used more than one of them.

Instead of opening different browser tabs for different Google web apps, you can now manage all of them in one place with Integrated Gmail.

Integrated Gmail

Integrated Gmail is a Firefox add-on for you to integrate your Google Reader, Calendar, Picasa and any other web apps into your Gmail.

After installing the add-on, restarting your Firefox browser, and signing in your Gmail, you will see a new interface which will show you how many new mails in your Inbox, how many unread items in your Reader, and how many events in your Calendar, as default settings.

Besides Mail, Reader and Calendar, you can also add the following Google web apps directly with the Integrated Gmail settings:

  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Voice
  • Wave
  • Notebook
  • Groups
  • Maps
  • Picasa
  • Sites
  • News
  • Portfolio

Since Google web apps are integrated into Gmail, you can do the same thing in your Gmail just as in the particular websites of those web apps. For example, you can add star to, like or share any Google Reader item from your Gmail.

Besides Google web apps, you can also add Google Gadgets (such as Remember the Milk) and custom URLs ( with navigation buttons), which means you can integrated any web apps into your Gmail and mange them together, what you need to do is just to enter their URLs.

But like Boomerang for Gmail and EmailOracle, the Firefox add-on Integrated Gmail will also slow down your Gmail load speed, and the more web apps you add, the slower your Gmail will be.

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