Manage Multiple Chrome Extensions With Better Extension Manager

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As a Chrome fan who liked to test many extensions, I found out that it was painful to uninstall them one by one.

Now I don’t need to worry about the pain, since I can uninstall more than one extensions in one click at a time with Better Extension Manager, which is also a free Chrome extension.

Better Extension Manager

After installation, you will see an extension icon in your Chrome’s address bar, click on the icon, you can open the extension’s option page, on which you can select multiple extensions and then enable, disable or uninstall them all in one click at a time. What is more, you can even select all the extensions in one click.

Besides, you can also search your extensions by keywords, filter your extensions by Apps, Enabled, Disabled or Stared, and even launch your Apps directly.

By the way, don’t disable or uninstall Better Extension Manager, or you can’t enable, disable or uninstall any other extensions at a time any more. 🙂

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